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Running Playlist for Shorties

I’ve never run unless it was while crossing the street from bar to bar to avoid being hit by a taxi. But somewhere between divorce #2 and quitting smoking, I somehow became a runner.

776e369a7f1081cc56f9b49812e535d6I’m not a serious runner. I keep up with my distance and time, but only for my knowledge. I don’t do 5Ks. I don’t have a running buddy or a run schedule. But I love the feeling of decompression I get running out all of the stress of a very hectic career — I can only take so many deadlines and dead people.

Where I get serious about a run is the music. If I don’t have the iPod and Bose noise canceling headphones, I ain’t running.

I have found that having the right playlist is critical to being able to push myself beyond my limit. It has to be upbeat, but not too fast, otherwise, I wear myself out too quickly.

At 5-feet, 2-inches, my leisurely pace is about 5 to 5.5 miles per hour or about an 11 to 12-minute mile average. It’s steady and I can go six or seven miles without feeling like death, Jello maybe, but not death.

I know it’s complete randomness, but here’s my short-leg, steady-pace, playlist. Some angry, some gangster, some old, some new — just shows it’s more about the beat than it is the song. Continue reading