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Awesome band, awesome venue: Papa Roach at House of Blues, New Orleans

What is power? Holding an office? Being the boss? The one in charge? Maybe so.

Or maybe it’s pumping your fist in the air and having hundreds of people mimic you. Anyone who has ever seen Papa Roach knows Jacoby Shaddix has that power and then some. Whatever this guy is on, I want it.

Papa Roach at House of Blues New Orleans

Papa Roach at House of Blues New Orleans

The House of Blues New Orleans show in May 2015 was my third time to see them. This is my absolute favorite venue, but after seeing Papa Roach at the coliseum in Biloxi and the Verizon Center in Birmingham, I didn’t know how their show would work in a small location.

These guys use every inch of the stage in one of the most high energy shows I’ve every seen. This was no exception, and Shaddix even made his way through the crowd at one point.

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