About WrittenNRed

Officially, I am Kristi Martin, an award-winning (former) journalist and full-time student at the University of New Orleans where I am seeking my first bachelor’s degree (in marketing) at the age of 35.

A random choice of Economics professor (who also happened to be the CEO of a local credit union) resulted in me returning to the adult world as a business development representative while I continue to work on my degree.

My return to college was in the aftermath of a successful journalism career in a no longer successful newspaper industry. In my 15-year stint at four newspapers, I covered everything from presidential campaigns and city council meetings to homicides and beauty pageants.

Unofficially, I am a natural red head with no verbal filter and have fun at whatever I do. This blog is my outlet away from the confines of AP style,  allowing me to use expletives and not care if I am being politically correct.

I am a concert junkie and complete 80s music nerd. I love the Miami Dolphins, playing Rock Band, fast cars and exploring all of the diversity and culture that New Orleans offers. My interests are so diverse so expect my posts to reflect such!


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