One down, two to go: Let the cork popping continue for Miami Dolphins fans

I’m a Dolphins fan. Which means there’s not a lot going for me right now, although Dan Campell at the helm is giving me hope. The internet has had a field day with the turnaround of the Dolphins since he assumed head coach duties.

After his first two weeks on head coach duty, I was ready to make him my third ex-husband.

IMG_2551Anyway, I, and many of my fellow Fins fans, are proud to say we are the only team to go undefeated through an entire season all the way through the Super Bowl. But a lot has changed since 1972, what with rules, the number of games, challenges and instant slow-mo replays.

The chance of another team going undefeated all the way is miniscule, but still, Dolphins fans and former players supposedly “pop a cork” every time an undefeated team falls victim as the season progresses.

Thank you, Houston Texans, as I popped the cork well before your victory tonight, which proved not to be a jinx. As a fellow redhead, I’m so happy to see Andy Dalton harness his Ginger Super Powers, but as a Fins fan, I was happy to see the Bengals lose.

One down, two to go.

I have no dislike of the Panthers (though I suppose I should, being that they are in the same division of my “hometown team”, the Saints), but New England… My former co-workers at the Shreveport Times are all too familiar with my dislike of Tom Brady – and that’s putting it very nicely.

I have been a Dolphins fan since junior high when trying to impress a boy with my football knowledge – even if that knowledge was just of Dan Marino from his role in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Not to mention the Dolphins have the best colors in the NFL. Oh, the rationale of a pre-teenage girl.

Reasons for becoming a fan aside, I stayed true to my team throughout the years. It was my knowledge of Dan Marino being #13 that led to a Miami Dolphins-themed wedding and ex-husband number two.

It also led to me meeting Bob Griese (twice) as well as many rostered players over the past few seasons. Reporter “stalking” skills can really come in handy sometimes. I have never felt so short as when I chatted with Cameron Wake (aka the EarthCwake and my favorite Fins player – get well soon!) on several occasions prior to away games.


The first time I met Cameron Wake in Dallas for the Thanksgiving Day 2011 game. Such a great guy!

Anyone who is a “distance” fan will understand the difficulty of obtaining team merchandise. The internet is my friend. I’ve been to one game in Miami, and I was like a kid in a candy story, not only in the pro-shop, but every other department/discount store I entered. I bought a PillowPet and winter scarf (in Miami) just because I could.

  As a Dolphins fan in Saints country, it’s really difficult. I think the only other Fins fan is the bum on the corner of Calliope and Claiborne wearing a starter jacket out of the 80s – which he probably pulled from a dumpster.

But it’s okay. My friends at my corner bar, the Rendon Inn, always happily put on the Dolphins game for me – even if it is on the small TV in the corner. When I clap and cheer, the Saints fans will look up from their phones to see what they missed then look disappointed when they realize it’s just the crazy redhead in the aqua jersey squealing at nothing that pertains to the Saints.

Back to holding on to 1972. Peyton really needs to get it together as he is the only sure-fire chance of popping the cork versus New England what with Tom Brady’s arrogant smile and Bill Belichick’s cape – I mean hoodie. And with Carolina, there’s still opportunity for the “any given Sunday rule”.

So fellow Fins fans, the odds are in our favor. Here’s to popping the cork. Fins Up!



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